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Responsibilities: UX | UI Design

Platform: Mobile 

The Problem

The Solution

The product provides comprehensive access to all the essential features within the zoo, including ticket purchase, a self-locating map, detailed information about the animals, and much more.

Upon arrival at the zoo, there are long lines at the box office to buy tickets.

The signs containing information about the animals are often old and faded, making it difficult to understand what is written.

Portable maps are not available, and the distribution of paper maps is environmentally unfriendly.

market research conclusions

Currently, in Israel, most zoos do not have their own dedicated mobile applications. However, among the zoos that do have an app, they typically provide features such as online ticket purchasing and a photographic map of the zoo for visitors to navigate. In contrast, zoos in other countries have developed applications that cater to user needs in a comprehensive and convenient manner, offering a wider range of features and functionalities for enhanced visitor experiences.

Persona 1 - Ilana Levi

“I would like to be able to buy tickets without standing in line for so long.”

As a 60-year-old retiree who enjoys spending weekends with her grandchildren at zoos, the recurring issue of encountering long ticket lines becomes a frustrating and time-consuming experience. It not only wastes valuable time but also leaves them feeling tired and drained.

Persona 2 - Tomer Dahan

"If there was one place that would centralize all the information about the animals in the zoo, it would greatly improve the experience with the children"

Tomer is a 42-year-old married individual with two curious children. He enjoys taking his children to zoos to foster their curiosity. However, he frequently encounters faded information signs about the animals, which hinders his ability to read and answer his children's questions. As a result, Tomer often has to resort to searching for information from various online sources.


The app aims to create an inclusive environment for both children and adults, emphasizing nature and animals.

The main colors chosen for the app are green and orange, with green representing nature, environment, and life, while orange symbolizes earth and abundance. To enhance the desired atmosphere, the app incorporates a variety of icons and images featuring animals and tree branches. The combination of these visuals with the chosen color scheme helps establish a connection with nature. Additionally, the app employs images that extend beyond the frame, providing a three-dimensional effect and immersing users in the experience of visiting a zoo.

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Title 1 - Regular 20 px
Title 2 - SemiBold 16 px
Text- Regular 16 px
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